Short sketch of where I've been

As mentioned on the main page, this text is mainly written to allow people to find me by some information they might remember.

I was born in Geneve in Switzerland, where I spent the first years of my life. Sometime later, my family and I moved to Bonn, where I went to elementary school at the Katholische Grundschule Mondorf. The next 3 years I spent in Davis, California, with an intercalated 1/2 year stay at Long Island in New York. Here I went to grades 5 and 6 of elementary school and also absolved the first year at Oliver Wendell Holmes Junior High School. After that, we moved back to Bonn, where I completed school at the Helmholtz Gymnasium. Since then, I have been studying at Bonn University.

The names of my parents are Werner Nahm and Ingeborg Nahm (maiden name Ingeborg Walker).

You can see a picture of me here.

Last modified: 12-Jul-2004