Welcome to Torsten Nahm's homepage


welcome to my homepage.

So far, I've put up a couple of sections, which are also accessible from the contents frame on the left:
  • Some information about myself , so people I have known over the years and with whom I have lost contact can find me
  • A repository for the Java software I have written
  • If you are a Sudoku fan, you might enjoy my little Java solver applet
  • I have written a small C++ level converter for the Electron Hut Sokoban implementation for Palm
  • I am an active transhumanist
  • I am an active member of Cryonics UK
  • Of course, there is also a links section
You can reach me by email at xxx@xxx.de, where both appearances of "xxx" must be replaced by "torstennahm". (Sorry about the hassle, but this will help deter automated mail address crawlers.)

Please ask me for my PGP public key. My fingerprint is A9C3 6D7B 2E2A C475 E575 D26D 33E9 0578 AA8F BEDB.

Last modified: 11-Apr-2015